Trying to reach out

I’ve tried reaching out to some other groups.

Generally, my idea is to improve the quality of life among long term survivors with TBI (traumatic brain injury) through increased use of social media and internet resources.  Specifically, I am thinking of some ipads for TBI survivors to use when being treated as inpatients/continuing treatment as outpatients.  Currently I have a group of about 682 folks through facebook who I engage with using the closed group “TBI Survivor’s Successes.”  Other technologies could be used, but facebook has a bit of ubiquity.  During the day, I work at the Tampa VA Hospital, doing computers.  There are several TBI patients at Tampa VA Hospital.  Nationally, I know the VA center of innovation is trying to advance the agenda by having some talent competitions, and they brought ideas to DC for a 2 day conference in the second half of April.  The VA center of innovation also had a guy with the VA office of strategic partnerships, and there were several partners represented.  Apple was not yet represented among the strategic partnerships, but it could be, as also I would think that this could be an opportunity for JNJ as well.  The query started with my asking someone at your twitter account if they were aware of any professional organizations who might be interested in helping to support this effort, so again, I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with others as well.  If you would like to suggest other contacts, I would welcome other suggestions as well.


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